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I get it. You are doing A LOT. You have the task of managing it all. The family, the kids, the job, community event, even the dog- all on your plate. Sometime your time and energy runs out before you have time for you.

Until we can find the pause button for life, 

I have the next best thing.

Wish there were more hours in the day?

My promise to you: Follow my plan and you will at a bare minimum, find 20 extra minutes every week night!

Outsource your meal planning to me. 

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List that Rock

Jump start now! Use this guide to help you do what you already know how to do! 

Done for you meal planning and shopping list.

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Background and resources on the "why" we do things we do so you can take the deep dive

Daily emails to help keep you accountable and on track. Respond and ask as many questions as you would like.

Carrie H

Tracy G

To get to where I want to be (health wise), I need to think about food as fuel for my body and not just eat whatever I want. I'm also amazed with the fact that I did not feel hungry throughout the day and had no desire to reach for snacks, which is what I was used to doing.  

Inspiration, Simple clean eating recipes and tips, motivation to integrate them into daily living, NO GUILT! 

I am Jessica Renon and I help busy go getters reclaim time by providing foundational and custom fitness and meal plans

You cannot buy time, but you can enlist my services, and that is pretty much the same thing.

What are the top three

things you want to be really good at?

Those Three Things are your Rocks

Act now! You have nothing to lose and only time to gain!

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You will recieve the full 7 day program including

  • Shopping List
  • Receipes
  • Meal Plan
  • Foundational Thoughts

You will also be recieve emails

  • Welcome (when you sign up)
  • Friday and Saturday before- reminding you to prep
  • Daliy Emails
  • Follow up emails at the end

What to Expect

Who is the man (woman) behind the curtain?

Hi, my name is Jessica Renon and I look forward to being your coach!

ROCK ON! You're feeling depleted and needing to find some “ME” time and just not sure how to find it with all that you have to do! BOOM!! You are ready to make some changes in your life

and you found ME!


I am honored and feel grateful that you are taking the time to stop here amongst the many other options to allow me to share with you “WHY” you won’t regret your visit to this site right here and right now! I assure you, if you need to find a balance of taking care of life’s responsibilities and take care of yourself in the process ­ you are in the right place! I am here to show you how you can get fit, stronger and feel great about yourself further enhancing your quality of life and transforming yourself positively for years to come .

It is possible and YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Have you heard the old cliche , Been there ­ Done that! I’ve struggled like many of you of not having enough hours in the day to accomplish all that one has to do and it can also be never ending.

We all know it doesn’t work! But can it? And can you really get it all done? I have learned to simplify my life by becoming an expert at asking for help – aka investing $$ in things that you don’t want to do, or things that are better served by paying the experts to take the guesswork and time out of trying to do it all yourself. This has allowed me to really focus and hone my skills on the things that I have a passion for.

I LOVE helping people!

I am pretty good, scratch that, I am DAMN good and confident at this fitness and eating right thing  known as a healthy lifestyle that gets results! I’ve developed plans are great, doable, and simple (but not boring). I love taking the burden of “what to do” and “what to eat” off people’s shoulders so they can kick butt, find their passion in life, and become the person that they were meant to be.

This is my charge to you!- I am awesome at helping people develop a healthy lifestyle, you go and be awesome at your thing- and together- we will both make the world better.

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